Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Its Happened To Me

Just like the disco song says, "Finally its happened to me...blah, blah, blah." I have been given a permanent spot at Monticello Antiques.  This makes me extremely happy, nervous, excited (and the list goes on).

This has always been a goal of mine to be in Monticello along with all those other very talented vendors .
I, myself, am not NEARLY as talented as they are but I will be giving it the old college try.  The move in date is October 1 or thereabouts, as I am participating in the Monticello Fall Premier Show that starts tomorrow.

That being said, please make sure that you get to Monticello tomorrow and join in the fun and excitement that is the Fall Premier Show.  Lots of great merchandise, displays and inspiration will surround you once you have entered the magical garden area.

Stop by my booth and have a look to see what new and interesting items I have to offer you all.



  1. Oh Billie, I'm so happy to have you in the Monticello family. You have a great eye for merchandise and display...that's how you get in! And of course your bubbly personality is icing on the cake! Welcome! ~Joycw

  2. Billie-
    Congrats! I bought one of your "Robinson" crates from you at Monticello. I kinda like the name, plus I grew up on a dairy farm just around the corner from Robinson's cold storage. Hope to see you soon!