Monday, August 29, 2011

Monticello Fall Premier Show 2011

 Next up, Monticello Fall Premier Show.  Cannot wait to setup and share the items that I have been hoarding especially for this show.

These photos are a small piece of what I have available.  Some of you wanted me to post pictures in case there was some item or two that you wanted snag.  Just know that there are lots more items that I will be adding weekly for the duration of this month-long show.  So plan several trips.

Joyce of Monticello put out the guest list and it looks like this is going to be one heck of a great show.  New guests and old guest alike will be sharing lots and lots of treasures to tempt you.

 Even yesterday, as I searched thru the Oregon City Antiques Fair, I was picking up odds and ends to bring to this show.  Then later in the day, we traveled further into Oregon and ran across some really funky pieces that I will share, too.

My advise to you all is to shop and shop often during this event.  It will not disappoint you.  Bring your mates, girlfriends and fellow junque collectors for this Fall event. 
It will inspire you in ways you cannot imagine.

See you all there..........................

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