Wednesday, March 30, 2011

99% Finished

No photos......yet!  99% finished on the April window that I am doing at Camas Antiques this month.  I got home around 8:00 PM this evening from a full day of trips back and forth to change trailers, etc. in order to get it all there in one piece.

The other piece that was moved in today is a wonderful display cabinet from a shop in New England.  It is wood and glass and just perfect for a shop (hummm?) someday.  Well, it got to my space just fine but now I have to fill it with goodies.  It looks a bit lame right now but I will dress it up in the next day or so.

Anyway, the window, like I said is 99% done.  Just have to spend Thursday putting all the small details in place for 1st Friday festivities.  It should be a fun Friday for all.

Hope to see you there and be sure to drop by and take a look at my window.  I promise to post photos tomorrow.

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