Thursday, March 31, 2011

Window Is Finished

 Well, it's finally finished.  Unfortunately, I could not get a full on photograph of the finished window during daylight hours because of glare but here are a few tidbits of it.  I think you get the full idea of what I was going for.

It really makes a statement as far as metals go.  Like I said before, if it's something galvanized or otherwise you have been looking for, here is the place to get all the metal and rust you can handle.
Burlap bags, shopping cart, laundry cart, postal cart, wash basin, planters, feeders, books, baskets, buckets, too much else to mention.

Come on out to Camas and look for yourself.  Who knows, there may be something that is calling your name.

See you for 1st Fruday..................................


  1. I LOVE the chicken feeder right by the window. It is fabulous! I wish I had a table long enough to put it on, because I think it would look great with flowers or candles in it. Great job on the window! Wishing you much success in April!



  2. I love the industrial look. I hope I am able to travel and see it in person! I just love what you do.