Monday, May 3, 2010

New booth layout, same as the old layout.

Everytime I think I am on to something new and exciting it just seems to be more of the same.  Take my booth in Camas Antiques, no matter how many times I draw it out on paper, it still ends up looking kinda the same.

I know, I know there are only so many ways to layout all the "goods" in the space but just once I would like to just blow my own socks off with something new.  Complaining isn't a good thing and I am very grateful to have a space as large as the one my sister and I share but I think you all lnow what I mean.  Lately I feel that I might be loosing  my way abit.  Not really sure which direction to take the booth, etc. Surely, it will all become clear.  I just need to step back for a few days and get a grip.  Hold true to what you see as your unique style and never let too many people's actions effect you. 

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