Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Weekend For Just About Anything.........

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy just about as perfect a weekend as we've had in a very long time.  I know I did. 

Sales abound just about everywhere I looked and that was without exception.  Tresures were found by the carload and I am still making decisions as to what to sell and what I want to keep for my own home.  Do you ever have the same problem?

Our booth at Camas Antiques is full to the brim with new and interesting items right now but nevertheless I am still looking everyday (with the help of my scouts) for more pieces. 

Just so that everyone is aware I will be participating in the Recycle Show again this year at Esther Short Park in June.  Be sure to come out and support this event as it is a wonderful group of people doing their small part in teaching people different ways to recycle things.  Here's a piece of jewelry made from a vintage composition poker chip.  It's fun and it's wearable but most of all it's recycled.

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