Sunday, July 10, 2011

No More Slacking Off

Ok, Ok...I know I have been a non-blogger for 1 entire week but it's because I get so caught up in the Tour de France that I just can't seem to do much in the way of junking or otherwise.  But it is time to get to work.

Currently I am working on some special order scrabble tiles and gathering more and more spoons in order to keep pace with the sales of my spoon pendant necklaces.  Those little darlings sell so darn well that there are times when I can't keep up with the demand.  It really is fun to make them, though.  Even if spoons are hard to find at times I will continue to produce them. 

Another one of my necklace items are the embellished keys.  These are really hot right now and I am making them as fast as I can.  There's only so much I can do with a key since I only use vintage jewelry pieces for the added "bling".  It seems to make the keys just that much more special.  Don't you think?

Enough blogging...time to get to work.  Like I said, NO MORE SLACKING OFF.

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