Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Merchandise Coming On Monday To Camas we all know how I just LOVE to mix it up all the time and Monday will be no different.

I have some new merchandise that I will be taking over to my booth at Camas Antiques and I gotta tell you, I think they are super.  Not only are some of the pieces different in color but they are fun any very usable, too.

Here is an example of a blue/green distressed piece that has little sections in some of the drawers and a cabinet, too. 

This next white piece is a shelf unit with a glass top panel and a solid wood one on the bottom half.  Both halves have shelves.  This is a very usable piece in a studio or a kitchen area as well.
Here are some more big plastic letters.  There is a green "C", a white "C", a yellow "S" and a yellow "E".  All are clean and ready to hang on your wall somewhere.

So don't miss these and some other great pieces that I am taking out on Monday, tomorrow, to Camas Antiques.  These pieces will be accompanied by a white washed dough table, a gustavian grey buffet and a super cool metal bread rack.

If you're in need of this kinda stuff, don't hesitate to come visit my booth.

See ya................................

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