Monday, June 13, 2011

Changing My Look At Camas Antiques.....again

My Camas Antiques Booth(s)

Well, as I promised, here is the redo of my Camas space.  Lots and lots of new things to pick from.  Blue Ball jars galore, pillows and lots and lots of galvanized everything.  The green/blue cabinet in the back is just the right style for someone with a like for color and unique style.  The gustavian grey buffet in the foreground is a wonderful piece as an addition to a dining room.  Also don't forget the funky bread rack......just perfect.

Come visit and shop real soon before everything is gone !
Also, don't forget my other wall space with scrabble tile pendants and spoon pendants.  It is called Gifty Chix and is located right next to the checkout counter.  Some fun stuff.

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  1. Hi Billie...I'm back from France and starting to bring the stuff into the shop. Come on in for a visit??