Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Want To See My Rack?

Yes, yes, I know.  Bad title but did it get your attention?!  Maybe not, but this gem of a rack sure got mine at a recent estate sale I went to.

Isn't it just the neatest thing you've seen in a long while ?  This is an industrial rack with wooden drawers that are very old and came out of the old Portland Surveyors Office.  There are two drawers missing but that's alright.  It is authentic to itself and I hope that I can part with it and put it up for sale in my booth at Camas or possibly one of the shows I am doing over the next 6 months.

It really is an artist's dream to have all of your bits and pieces available at your fingertips in these drawers.  I keep picturing it in my studio and all the uses I would have for it. 

We'll see if it gets the better of me or not...........


  1. Hi Billie,
    Nice rack!! I would use it for a jewelry display rack. Then, customers could pull the drawers out one at a time and peruse the jewelry :)
    Definitely hard to part with!

  2. Nice rack LOL! Seriously, I really like the industrial items that are surfacing lately and this is a wonderful example! It would hold my art paper beautifully! I am sure that where ever you take it, it will be purchased by someone who will immediately fall in love with it! Thanx for sharing and have a gorgeous day! ~Leena~

  3. I Love that rack, and agree , love the vintage lil items to hold all my other lil vintage or crafting items..
    New Follwer- Thanks for inspiration