Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quiet Week Full Of New Acquisitions

We went to a fabulous auction last week out of town and found the greatest stuff.  Lots of perfect little items that will sell extremely well for me at Camas Antiques.  Like this ballet dress.

I have spent the good part of this week ticketing and packaging these things so that I can get them out.  Also, it seems that there has been an uptick in special orders for me of late.  These are little surprises to me when I get a telephone call from someone I do not know who wants a bunch of stuff from me to sell in their own shop.  It makes me think that all my hard work isn't in vain.

But the biggest surprise was when I was asked if I would consider being someones partner in their established business in Portland.  A great big shop full of items that I love.  Don't think I am not tempted, however, my plans do not include being in partnership with anyone.  When I open my own shop, I want to be my own boss, just that selfish !?  Nevertheless, I was very flattered.

Maybe the time and effort that goes into this type of work is worth it.  All I know is that I have met some really great people (and some not so great) and that's what is important.  The people make this a fun and exciting way to spend my days.

Don't you agree?

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