Monday, November 15, 2010

Shows over.....time to regroup and recover

Happy Monday everyone.........As I had said on my last blog entry, I was preparing to do a show on November 12 called 2nd Saturdays in Seattle.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it was a HUGE success for me and I intend to do them each and every month going forward.  The photo above was taken before I was done setting up but I think you get the feeling of how big this venue was.

The organizers of the event are great ladies and the hangar venue was wonderful, so large, open and airy.  I just wish it had been warmer.  But besides that, the other vendors all brought their "A" game and their booths reflected it.  My booth ended up being soooo empty even before the show started due to all the sales I made to other vendors.  This, in its own is a good thing that I sold merchandise, however, it left me feeling (and looking) rather empty by the time the doors opened.  I did make my self-imposed goal of sales but it would have great to see my booth overflowing with merchandise.  Oh well, it all worked out in the end.

Now, it's upward and onward with the holiday open house weekend at Camas Antiques over, we can prepare for December's holiday show.

Happy junk hunting.....................


  1. Crazy to buy garden chairs on a cold, wintry day . . . but oh *joy*! I've made purchases from your booth at Camas Antiques too. Wish I'd made the "connection" when I met you. Hope to see you again, Billie!

    ~ Debi

  2. So happy to have you!!! See you Dec. 11th!!
    Happy Thanksgiving;)