Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too Much To Do......Not Enough Time

Rain sure puts a damper on doing work outside, doesn't it?  But then it makes it necessary to face those projects that have been sitting all too long in the studio.

Take me, for instance, I have been losing sleep over this stupid ruffle project that I so terribly need to have finished by next Tuesday but the ironic part about it is that with the rain, I cannot put up the canopy to see how it will fit.......just my luck.  This would never have been a problem except that my husband decided that he was going to custom build me a new canopy-type thing for an indoor show that  I am doing.  So much for for dealing with what I was accustomed too.  Anyway, I got it done so now I am just hoping that the rain will stop and I can get outside to fit it properly.  Oh well..................................

But that still leaves all the "other" stuff to deal with.  Packaging product, tagging product, heck, making sure I have ENOUGH product!  So, I am busily multitasking around the house and garage hoping I don't miss anything.  Oh, and I forgot to mention..............I've committed to two (2) booth at this show, not my customary 1.  What was I thinking...................................................

Let's move on to another show on November 13 at the Marshall Center in Vancouver.  It is 30 vendors who reuse, repurpose and recycle things.  It is a holiday gift show of sorts and we would really like everyone to come check it out.  It is FREE to get in and we are very excited about it.  We're always doing what little we can to contribute to the recycle cause.  Please mark the date.  I will post a flyer at a later date.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos of Fall from the Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!!


  1. I am so glad you mentioned the show at the Marshall Center...I am marking it on my calendar! Sounds like fun! Beautiful pictures! Good luck with your projects!

  2. So, when I pulled out my calendar I noticed that Nov. 15th is a the craft show on a Monday? Thanks - Amanda

  3. Amanda:

    You are absolutely correct...November 13th is the date. Thanks