Thursday, September 2, 2010

Booth Revamped at Camas Antiques

After the dust settled on Saturday, it was time to take my leftover wares and put them into my booth in Camas Antiques.  The window, which we had all month, had to come down, too.  What a double whammy!

So, this meant placing what merchandise I had left (plus a bit more) into the booth for major selling in September, not to mention First Friday.  Well, the task was completed over a two-day period and although it is crowded, it's a GOOD type of crowded.  Lots of merchandise to look at and buy, great prices and some whimsey to boot.

Drop by and take a look if you have a chance before everything gets sold.  There are lots of new items from
Two Birds Vintage, too.  She has a fabulous white coffee table that would be "killer" in the right home.

We continue to strive to bring you the best tresures we can find and hope that you find as much pleasure in them as we do.

Happy Labor Day.........................

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