Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trying To Stay Up With Everything........

Boy, I guess this blogging stuff isn't for me.  I can't even keep up with it on a weekly basis much less daily.  How do you all out there in blogland do it!?  For me it seems to be a drudge just to rehash my life and all that's going on in it.  What's the secret?  Someone PLEASE tell me.

So I'll give it another go today.........

My life has been nothing but treasure hunting day in and day out.  Not that I'm complaining but, really, there are only so many hours in the day.  There have been many great finds for me lately, however, and I have doubled my space size at Camas Antiques along with my sister (Two Birds Vintage).  We've taken the end space at the back of the main floor there.  It's wonderful to be able to have so many larger pieces there.  I brought a dining table and 4 chairs over last Sunday and by Monday morning the entire set was sold.  GREAT!  Now I have these absolutely lovely chairs there that were recovered in a fabulous tan and black fabric.  Very French and elegant.

I keep adding odd and unusual things as I find them.  Lots of French items from a brocante I went to, as well as, Russian, Portuguese and Swedish books that I recently acquired.  Loads of wonderful things that you will not find anywhere else.  Come and take a look.

On a personal note, my son turns 31 on Saturday.....boy, does time fly.  He's made me so proud.  I couldn't ask for a more loving and funny son.  Being a chef by profession, he is always dabbling in the kitchen making up new and interesting recipes.  Happy Birthday, Erik!

Just an FYI to anyone interested.  Today I placed several ads on Craigslist for furniture, etc. that I want to sell off.  These are things that I have not yet brought out to Camas so they are relatively low in price.  Please check out the ads if you are at all interested or give me a call directly 360 200-1267 for a showing.  I decided I needed the room in our garage for more things coming down the pike this year.

Well, this will be the end to today's blogging attempt.  Hopefully I will be here again in the next dew days to update you on some more goings on in my life and business.

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