Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 2012 Show List-Revised

Courtesy of Pinterest
As I continue to perform a balancing act, of sorts, thru the many decisions I have to make concerning my 2012 plans for Brocanteur Vintage things have taken on a new perspective.  First of all, as of March 1 my large booth at Camas will be gone.  I will still be selling my scrabble tile pendants and the occasional French things, in the small wall space that I have by the register.  But if you want my larger pieces you will have to go to Monticello for those.

This was a VERY difficult decision for me but one that I had to make due to only being able to do so many things at once.  Something had to give and, unfortunately, Camas was it.

What seems to be screaming out to me is that I am going to do what feels right to me.  There are many great shows and I wish I could do them all but I have to pick the ones that are a good fit with my style.

So with that in mind, I have committed to the following shows for 2012:

Portland Expo      March 2 and 3
Barn House         July
Camas Vintage Faire   August 25
 Portland Expo       Oct. 27 and  28
Junk Salvation       Nov. 2 and 3

There is the list and I have probably taken on much more than I can handle but what the heck.  There are still shows like Plucky Maidens that I also want to do but we will have to see.  So please stop by and see us if you happen to be at one of them and don't forget that I am at Monticello also.

Happy shopping..............................


  1. So glad you will be joining us at A Vintage Gathering! If ever there was a place you can be yourself...we are it!
    Annette :>)

  2. I was debating on going to expo this weekend but if you're there I'll have to come and see you!

  3. Your booth at Expo was wonderful, Billie . . . I always look forward to seeing you and Kirk!


  4. Hi , Billie,
    Thats a hard one , isn't it ? So many shows - only so much
    inventory - ha ha !
    Good luck at all your shows