Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Help Me Find This Puppy A Home...Please

All my friends in blogland, I need HELP. 

This ever so cute, 9 week old, American Red Nose Bull Terrier puppy needs to be loved and cared for.  His owner had to leave for an emergency and was unable to care for this cutie pie and now we're desperately trying to find him a new situation. 

The cost of this puppy is $250 if you live in Portland because he can be delivered to you OR $200 if you live in Seattle.

Kindly ask all your friends and buddies if they would like to have a new best friend because he is the sweetest thing.  My son has one and they are the most beautiful dogs.  Great personalities and loyal to a fault.  A family dog to be sure.

It's how you raise your pets that makes them the way they are NOT the breed itself.  So please open your hearts and see if we can't all band together to find this cutie a new home.  You can call my son Erik at 360 355-6022 if you can help.

Thanks for all your help.

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