Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Lucky Day

Some of you might remember the last window that I did at Camas Antiques.  It was all industrial fixtures, racks, galvanized pans and burlap bags.

Well, I had a rack just like this one in the window and it sold on the very first day it appeared in the window.  At that time, I was under the impression from the guy I got it from, that it was his last one.  Low and behold, here is another one just like it and it's all mine.

I know that Marcie from 4th and Birch wanted one REALLY badly and she was very disappointed  when I told her there were no more left.  Maybe she'll see this posting before anyone else does and get luckier this time around.

At any rate, I do have one now and it will be available to anyone who is interested.  Jet me an email if you want further info on this rack.  By the way, it does have racks for each of the shelves.

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