Tuesday, May 3, 2011

White Wicker Rocker

With the Junk Salvation Show coming up on May 13 and 14, I have had to be very selective on my choices of things to bring to sell at this show.  Mainly due to the caliber of customer that attends this spectacular show but also because I want only the best that I have to offer.

This rocker has been with me for over a year in my studio.  It has never been something that I have wanted to part with.  It is well-made and ever so cute.  White.....as it should be and a very cute orange patterned fabric covers the back and seat.  It's perfect for the ladies of the area with their big porches and patios  Hopefully someone with spy this lovely and take it home along with so many other wonderful things that I and many other vendors at the show will have.

So, as a reminder please don't forget to attend the Junk Salvation Show on May 13 (6 to 9) and May 14 all day.  If you visit my booth at Camas Antiques there are $1 off coupons you ca use towards you admission to the show.  There's no reason not to come and enjoy the treasure and spend alittle time (and alittle money, too).

See you all there...................................

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