Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Great Junk Salvation Show Behind Us

Well, another Junk Salvation Show has come and gone.....yes, it was a BIG success !  I want to thank the Funky Junk Sisters for all there hard work in putting this show together and letting me be a vendor at their show.  The business was brisk and the people were friendly.  That makes ALL the difference in the world.  Dixie and Linda, the Funky Junk Sisters, always know how to throw an event and this was no exception.  It was a blast.

The pictures above are from my booth which was right in front of the entry door.  I couldn't have asked for better positioning.  The 3 hour Breast Cancer Benefit on Friday night nearly wiped me out of merchandise and I had to totally remerchandise my booth in time for Saturday's customers.  I know now that next show I will definitely have to bring more "smalls". 

There was live music at this show and she sounded exactly like Sarah McLaughlin....very good voice.  It was a pleasure to have her singing.  I didn't get her name but I am sure if you were interested the Funky Junk Sisters could give you more info.

Anyway, it was great to be there and I saw soooo many friends that stopped by to say "hello" and that made it really enjoyable.  I will be posting pictures from some of the other vendors spaces.  There merchandise was great in every one's booths and I am sorry I can't post all the photos I took but I think you will enjoy these.  Stay tuned for the next posting of pictures..................

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