Monday, March 21, 2011

My Son Turned 32........YIKES

Yesterday my son turned 32 years old.  I can't even wrap my head around that.  Many of you out there have children and as they get older you just can't help but feel that much older, too.

Ironically my eldest sister has her birthday on the same day as my son.  That was a coincidence but it also is a double whammy as a reminder of her getting older, as well as, my son.




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  1. Hi from Bellingham, Billie!

    Funny you should post about your son's birthday (and happy birthday to Erik!). My step-son, Daniel, is 20. He *sees* us as somewhat ancient (not his word, mine). Several days ago (after a VERY long and hard show (where I was, of course, the only person who ALWAYS had to be present), I told Daniel, "The older YOU get, the younger I get!!" He thought I was off my rocker, of course. BUT the older any of us get, the *younger* our age seems to be (if we're in pretty good shape). Soooooooo . . . you get it! Billie, you're getting YOUNGER!! :0) Just remember that!