Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vintage Poker Chips.....Hard To Find

There are lots of things that I dabble in, as some of you know.  The most frustating thing that I come up against is finding just the "right" product to work with but then not being able to replenish my collection of parts in a timely manner.

Take these poker chip pendants.  Great to look at and the feel of these chips is very tactile.  The problem is that the chips are composition type that were used 40 to 50 years ago.  You know, the kind that break when you drop them !?  Oh, I didn't tell you that.  VERY BREAKABLE.  Anyway, I cannot seem to find enough of these bad boys around these days.

If anyone can help me out.......don't be shy.  I would appreciate the help in finding some more of these composition poker chips.


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