Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember Her ?

This is my little winged angel dress form that has so lovingly been a part of my booth and shows over the last couple of years.  She graced the Camas Open House Tour during 2010.  All dressed up in her curly music paper skirt, she was quite the hit.

Well, she has been stripped of her frock and is patiently waiting for me to adorn her in another ensemble.  The problem is, is that when I undressed her, so to speak, I kinda liked the raw look of the ripped paper.  Being that this form is from Hungary, and oh so very old, the cardboard underneath the bunting and fabric is nicely patinaed.

For now I think I will leave her as she is, sitting in a corner of my formal dining room.  Maybe if something REALLY great comes to mind I'll give her a fresh new look.  But for now, I think she's great just the way she is.

Have a great weekend everyone..................................

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